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Vox Pop-Feb. 21

Where’s Baxter?

I happened to notice that the county is agreeing on filling over an acre of wetlands for the new 10-acre Dondelinger auto site on 371 North and County Road 77. If I would purchase the other two low cost water filled sites across the roads that are currently for sale, can I fill those wetlands in for development? So buying cheap wetland and filling them is the county’s way of helping this developer? A developer showing some kind of “hardship” is always the secret to get wetlands filled. It’s really called overdeveloping your site. Where’s Baxter when you need them?

Kids should know the basics

Why is the local school spending money on a work keys program? As a local employer I could care less about a certificate kids have. A high school diploma should tell me if they know applied math, how to locate info and reading strategies. I want them to know the basics of how to get and keep a job plus some basic knowledge of the work world. When I was in high school (in southern Minnesota) I got these skills during an on-the-job training class. Why doesn’t Brainerd have one?

Cop Inc.

If anyone noticed the license plate on the Sierra being pulled out of the lake, it says “Cop Inc.” on it. I did not realize that they are now doing underwater patrols. What will they think of next?

Give Pierz credit

The article about Pierz having a sunflower natural oil company should have been put on the front page of the paper. Give Pierz some credit please.

No talent, no taste

To end the Grammy awards show with the disgusting spectacle of Miss Nicki Minaj blaspheming the Catholic church with an exorcism, altar boys and mocking the Pope was just more evidence of the push to end religious freedom. Why didn’t she mock the Muslim religion? Because there would have been riots and her life may have been shortened. She was safe mocking the Catholic church.

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