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BHS yearbook adviser on paid leave

Vox Pop-Feb. 26

No need to apologize

First of all, blasphemy is irreverence toward religious or holy persons or things, so it has nothing to do with Honda ads. Second, Japan is our economic partner not our enemy. Third, the problem with this country is that it is filled with bigots. A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices. Lastly, Honda has been making cars and motorcycles in this country for decades. They provide jobs for many people and they make a better car than GM. They don’t need to apologize for their ads.


I find it just absolutely flabbergasting that a school system could pay an ex-employee in the six month of a two year contract a quarter of a million dollars to leave. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that in most areas of the school systems in our state, we have rank amateurs with way too much tax money to throw away. Maybe if we cut the school taxes by 25 percent they wouldn’t be wasting it like this. Absolutely ridiculous amateurs.

Effect and penalty for local business?

Purchasing online and the first thing you see is “Sales tax free.” How long can this go on? The total cost of the Viking stadium could be paid off with just the enforcement of online sales tax being collected. Why are we arguing about money at the Capitol when we do not try to collect it? If any business does not collect its account receivables how could it possibly invest in itself? What effect and penalty does this have for our local businesses?

Underemployment in lakes area

Maybe business owners should take a look at how they operate their businesses. Pay scales are sub-par and have been for years in this area. Don’t business owners realize that happy employees produce more and take more pride in their work when they don’t have to worry about what bills to pay this week and put off until next? Or how much they can budget for food? This area is below towns in Minnesota comparable in size (or even smaller) for pay scales. Give employees a livable, fair wage. Maybe your turnover rate, training and hiring costs will drop significantly.

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