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Vox Pop-March 1

Not enabling greed

I agree with the writer who pointed out the problem of underemployment in the Brainerd lakes area. I know of some locally owned companies that are growing during this economic downturn, advertising on the radio and billboards. They have large impressive facilities. I was a customer of these companies until I learned that they pay their help far below the standard rate for their occupation. I will not enable their greed. I have chosen to shop and spend at places where the employees receive a living wage from an employer who can easily afford to do so.

Do ‘circle tour’

New cars will be coming with rear view cameras, to prevent backing up over children. One more expensive gadget to repair! Remember Ma Bell? Bell Telephone taught us to simply walk around the vehicle when getting in, calling it the “circle tour.” It’s simple, cheap, works better than cameras. Easy habit to develop. Certainly not too much to ask any responsible driver. When parking, back into place, if possible. Drive out forward when leaving. But still do the “circle tour.” Little ones, if playing close to the bumper, won’t be seen from the driver’s seat, even in front, especially SUVs.

Plowing and mowing

You know, I find it funny how these same people who go out at 6 in the morning and start up their snowblowers are the same ones who complain about you in the summer when you start your lawnmower up at 8. Some people need to get a life and start doing their snowplowing at night.

School dropped the ball

Looks like Brainerd School District dropped the ball again in regard to closing schools. Maybe they should walk outside in the morning before they close school. This was a wasted day of the kids being home and also myself missing a full day of work and pay. Thank you, Brainerd School District.

What about K Street?

I was wondering why when we have snow that in northeast Brainerd that the streets going north and south are all plowed and all the east and west ones are plowed except east of the Garfield School on K Street? And this is not the first time. Every time it snows there’s about a three-block area that doesn’t get plowed. The plow turns around at the end of the street but doesn’t get ours. We have handicapped people who live here and you can’t get out. We had to have someone with four-wheel drive come in.

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