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Vox Pop-March 4

Editor’s note: In response to the Vox Pop on the Brainerd School District “dropping the ball” on closing school Wednesday, Steve Razidlo, Brainerd School District superintendent, said, “I wanted to explain the process the school district went through to determine the school closing:

1). Three conference calls were held with the National Weather Service (NWS)-Duluth on Monday and Tuesday prior to the storm’s arrival.

2). District staff monitored weather predictions for two days while constantly checking with Accuweather and several news stations.

3). Staff consulted with the Crow Wing County Emergency Services Coordinator and the Crow Wing County Highway Department.

4). Staff consulted with Reichert Bus Company several times and put a plan into place.

5). At 4 a.m. Willy Severson, director of schools, and the owners of Reichert Bus Company drove county roads in all four corners of our 720 square mile district.

6). County roads were determined to be hazardous and unsafe for bus travel at that time.

7). At 4:30 a.m. the NWS-Duluth advised staff that more snow was predicted, wind gusts were increasing and visibility would decrease as the day progressed.

8). At 4:35 a.m. the decision was made to close school.

The Brainerd School District realizes that closing schools does inconvenience many people, but the safety of over 5,000 students who ride the bus to and from school is our major concern when arriving at a decision to close schools.”

Snow day?

School kids in this beautiful (surprise of snow) lakes area had a day off today. Why was that and who decides? Six inches and we receive a snow day? Wimpy.

Enjoy time with kids

I’d like to comment about the person who wrote in about the school dropping the ball, schools are not paid babysitters. And if the person had to miss work or miss a day of pay, he or she should be happy to have time with their kids.

Good job, Brainerd

Brainerd School District was right in closing school on Wednesday. I rather they error on the side of caution and keep our kids safe. The district have people out checking road conditions in a large area for all the kids that are bused in from the country and snow levels and road conditions can vary greatly. It is our responsibility as parents to have a back-up plan if we must go to work. It wasn’t a wasted day for us; we spent quality family time together playing in the snow! Good job Brainerd School District in keeping our kids safe.

Wants info about curling club

I would like to see something in the paper about the curling club and if they have tournaments? If they charge to get in to watch them? I’ve never seen anything about the curling club in the paper.

Shovel your sidewalks

I’m driving on Washington Street. It is Thursday afternoon. There’s a person that has to walk in the street because the people on the southside of Washington have not shoveled the walkways. How ridiculous is that? There should be some kind of a fine that if you don’t keep the sidewalks open by your business and somebody falls or worse, gets hit by a vehicle while their walking outside of your building on Washington Street, you should get fined or sued or both. That is just not OK.

Make assumption clear

Two days in a row the Dispatch has printed other opinions regarding the teacher layoff legislation House file 1870 again claiming that this is about teacher quality. If the proposed legislation was about teacher quality, the provisions of evaluation would be clearly spelled out in the legislation. Ironically, that’s the piece that is missing. Legislation passed last year gave time to develop a multi-faceted teacher evaluation system. Make no bones about it. This law or this proposed legislation is not about teacher evaluation and quality. Let’s make that assumption clear.

Sexy cow?

Do I notice a very seductive look in the cow’s eyes on the new Journey North church billboard on Washington Street? Or am I just a miserable old biddy that looks for lurid obscenities to make myself feel more virtuous and righteous?

Complaints about TV

Television is lousy. Long commercials. Reruns. And the price we pay. What about a TV guide we can understand?

Decision applauded

I applaud the high school staff for stopping the dance at the high school last week for what appeared to be bumping and grinding. It is a sexual act like pole dancing that needs not to be in our schools. Remember students, we the parents pay for your education and a lot more now that we approved the new levy. Have fun at the next dance but keep it clean.

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