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Vox Pop-March 11

More money to spend

In response to a recent guest column’s concern about state operated gambling that may come to exist and the effects that it would have on the two Grand Casinos, I strongly disagree with her. For those of us in the retail segment of work, we could only dream of having a competitor being 90 miles away. Instead of constantly fighting against state operated gambling, welcome it. Think of it this way, 98 percent of your customers won’t have their taxes raised to fix our roads, pass levies for our schools and everything else that is broken if we use the funds generated by state run gambling.

Mr. Gross, you are missed

The day Mr. Bob Gross left District 181 was the day District 181 went into an uncontrollable tailspin that continues to this day. Mr. Gross was a true leader. He made decisions, he didn’t pawn them off. He had zero relatives working in the district. He knew every staff member by name and made them feel appreciated. He connected with people instead of disconnecting with them. When he spoke, he made sense. He told the school board what was best; he was never a puppet. Mr. Gross, please come back. Save the district from leadership incompetence.

Supply and demand

I am really bothered by the complaints of many including government employees about the pay in the Brainerd area. The Brainerd area offers a lifestyle like no other in the country with the lakes and recreation. Everybody wants to be here for this lifestyle. Pay is based on supply and demand. You want the best lifestyle this area offers and the highest pay. Does not work. Do you know why over 200,000 people come to visit us each year?

Tired of cleaning driveway

In regard to the hay bales blocking the snowmobilers and who’s going to be responsible if somebody gets hurts, I want the people to understand that if somebody gets hurt pulling out of my driveway because that groomer keeps dumping six inches of snow into my driveway every time they come through, when they have trouble pulling out onto the highway, I hold them responsible if there’s an accident. I’m a little tired of cleaning my driveway for snowmobiles.

Disgusted sports fan

The story about pro football players and coaches putting a cash bounty on their opponents is absolutely the most disgusting thing I’ve heard in awhile. No morals, no integrity, just immaturity. Pro players and coaches make a lot of money, are in the national spotlight and are supposed role models. Behavior like this should not be tolerated at all. Shame on them. Maybe those involved (including the head coach) should be banned from football for life, in the same manner as Pete Rose was from baseball. Sports are becoming far too barbaric.

Stop digging

For once after at least four years of record unemployment, let’s try a different approach. Quit funding BLAEDC with our tax dollars and use them to lower property taxes on small businesses which took a big hit from the last legislative session. It’s an old rule but politicians never seem to learn it. When what you’re doing doesn’t work, quit digging. Try something different or are you actually trying for record unemployment for the next five years? Let’s start using our head and work on things that work.

Padding the pockets?

I watched the council meeting and Dan Vogt must have a lot of time on his hands to try and take over two more jobs. What’s he trying to do pad his pockets? If the council goes along with that then we need different people on the council. The water and light department seems to get along just fine.

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