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Vox Pop-March 25

Helmets are lifesavers

There was a lovely photograph on the front page of Wednesday, March 21. It showed a young couple riding their bikes on the Paul Bunyan Trail. But where were their helmets? Take it from one who knows — bike helmets are lifesavers.

Ditches on County Road 13

The work that the Crow Wing road crew did on County Road 13 is unacceptable. They had enough men there to do a better job then they did. They left the ditches a mess with branches, sticks, etc. Please clean up your mess.

Adult juvenile delinquents

When questioning if and how you should discipline your children, just look at the police blotter. There used to be a saying that you could cut-up, if you will, until you’re 25 years old. Then it was time to grow up and become responsible citizens. It is apparent this no longer holds true. There are far too many past 25-year-old juvenile delinquents. So please, do the right thing and set common sense boundaries. Maybe then there will be hope for the next generation. The police shouldn’t have to be baby sitters.

Pride and ownership

In reference to the graffiti at the Jaycee Skate Park, is their a way to put in video surveillance? Also, I can’t help but think if the kids had some ownership in the park it would self police. Maybe they work “X” amount of hours doing upkeep and in turn they get a membership to enter through some sort of locked gate? That would teach them pride and a sense of ownership.

Moving the skate park

Concerning the Jaycees Skate Park, if the skateboarders have graffiti as part of their culture, first off, Mr. Sailer, it’s not fine. It’s unacceptable. The Parks and Rec Department work hard for our parks in the Brainerd area to keep them nice and kudos to all there. But moving the skate park from Jaycees Park to any new location will bring the same results. Graffiti, whether vulgar or even clean gestured, is not acceptable. How about a skate park next to the Brainerd Police Department?

‘This Was Brainerd’ is a joy

Terry McCollough’s article entitled “This Was Brainerd,” is a joy to read every day. I hope he continues to publish it. Lately it’s the only thing on that page worth reading.

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