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Vox Pop-March 27

Gorgeous space is wasted

The best thing for Pine Meadows would be to have an expansive central park linking Brainerd, Baxter, the arboretum and the Paul Bunyan trail. Picnic areas, disc golf courses, bike trails, cross country ski trails, camping and perhaps even a new skateboard park. That this gorgeous, enormous space goes to hay is ridiculous.

Does vacation mean breaking the law?

In reference to the Crosslake St. Patty’s day events and the presence of law enforcement, if you are not doing anything illegal, why should the saying, “Come for vacation, leave on probation,” have any merit at all? However, if vacation means breaking the law, then you would probably deserve the probation.

Allow graffiti art on specific billboards

Instead of closing the skate park which is in an out of the way place, why not put up some large billboards not visible except to the skate park and let the “artist” cover them to their heart’s content? I’ve seen that done in many large cities on buildings. It gives them an outlet for their art, doesn’t destroy property and if they are any good, would make the park look better. Some of the graffiti writer’s works that I’ve seen are really beautiful. It might help give them a sense of ownership of the park as well. Try it.

Childish tricks

I hope this community can see Mr. Hansen’s childish tricks to drum up interest and boost membership in the paper, which is what his job is supposed to be. Fanning the flames of hatred prominently displaying the word ‘discourse’ on the front page is just a childish trick.

What’s the purpose?

What in the world has come over the dweebs that are in charge of the state hospital? They tell us the wiring isn’t up to code and they tear all these buildings down. Now they’ve cut down all the trees. I didn’t know there was a code on the trees. This is ridiculous. It looks like a desert out there. It’s just awful. Will somebody please explain the logic behind this? This is bizarre. It looks awful. What are they thinking? You and I as taxpayers are paying for all of this nonsense. This just needs to end. Please someone tell me what the purpose was.

Where are you, officials?

It’s time for us Minnesota nice people to ask if any of our governmental officials have tested for the decibel rating of a metal crusher. I live over a mile away and it’s like having it in my own backyard. Officials, where are you?

Estimated vs. taxable value?

Can someone explain to me the difference between the estimated market value and the taxable market value? I’m trying to understand how a home that bought for $130,000 is only worth $52,000 now. I’m really confused on this.

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