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Vox Pop-April 1

Survey your graduates

If the Brainerd School District wants to prepare for a global society, they need to do some research. As a private business owner I cannot survive on business from the local area. I have to use the various technologies and get customers and suppliers from out of our area, our town, our state and our country. Talk to those of us who are small business owners. We don’t have the time to attend your meetings, but could do a survey and perhaps if you surveyed your graduates better, you could get ideas of what they needed.

Where’s Paul?

I’m truly disappointed in the lack of Paul Bunyan everywhere. He used to make a regular appearance throughout town year around for multiple events and festivities. Either he’s sick of being offered meth by our friendly locals or tired of poor customer service. Don’t worry, Paul. Maybe one day Costco will arrive and the people concerned about traffic will build a new bridge for pedestrians and name it after you.

Get real, administrators

I refuse to believe the schools “financial” need to cut more educators until administrators are cut. Too many other schools don’t re-name positions to keep administrators like this one. Other schools cut sports and extra curriculars more to keep classes and teachers who change kids’ lives. Get real, Brainerd administrators.

Clean it up!

Some yards in downtown Merrifield are an embarrassment for their neighbors. Is there no law against all that trash and litter piled and strewn in those yards? Have some pride in your town.

A question

I have a question. If the price of your property goes down significantly, why do you have to pay more in taxes? Just a question.

Blessings to the gracious lady

Words cannot express our thanks and surprise to the gracious lady who learned we were celebrating our 67th wedding anniversary last Thursday and she surprised us by treating us to lunch. Our blessings and thanks to you.

Shame on them

I paid $425 for my daughter to participate in a winter sport at Brainerd School District. I haven’t found a school in the state of Minnesota that even comes close to charging these ridiculous fees. And then to top it all off, they expect all these kids in the sports to go out and fund raise. I’m so tired of hearing ‘It’s about our kids” from the school board and administration because it’s clearly not. I just have to say shame on them for doing this to our kids.

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