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Vox Pop-April 5

Time for change

“There is more methamphetamines in Crow Wing County than ever” says the deputy in a recent Dispatch article. Meanwhile, we are still subjected to the inability to buy cheap over-the-counter cold medications that work (the replacement is no more effective than a sugar pill. ( We were promised there wouldn’t be a problem for law-abiding citizens to buy such drugs — a lie. They don’t keep it in stock; they shut down sales early in the evening and they won’t allow you more than a box even if your whole family has a cold. Time to change that!

Fiasco should have been shut down

The sheriff’s statement was “many people were put in jeopardy by Johnson’s decision to flee.” I would have to ask how many people were put in jeopardy by the officers’ decision to pursue? It would seem that Johnson did not represent a danger to the general public, her identity was known and she could have been taken into custody at a later time. I sincerely hope that if the sheriff was not present and in operational control, a wise sergeant, county or city, would have shut this fiasco down.

Disappointed in MMBA show cost

I was very disgusted this past weekend. We were all set to go to the MMBA show because we were thinking of doing some home improvements. We walk in the doors of the Civic Center only to see a sign that says “Admission, $3.” I can’t help but think that that is moronic. If we were hiring them to do a job for us, we’d be paying lots more than that. Why would a couple spend $6 to walk through the show to have businesses advertise and show us what they can do (as their business) for us? If you were to call up those said businesses, it would be a free estimate. Why couldn’t this be free? Something is very wrong with this picture. Why do they need to charge people to walk through? Where does the money go? I don’t know how others feel but I was very disappointed.

New detox?

Almost a year has gone by and still no new detox center. What’s going on here? Look at the police blotter — there are a lot of intoxicated people on the streets. Where do they go? Intoxicated people are unable to make good decisions. Many, but not all, need a safe placement for observation. Many people have died as a result of alcohol and drugs. Could be your brother or sister. Intoxication does not discriminate. Let’s get detox going before something really serious happens. Detox saves lives. Human life far outweighs monetary costs. Always will.

Support your locally owned business and merchants

I would like to thank my locally owned northeast Brainerd grocery store for last weekend. Going the extra mile to have an Easter bunny on hand to greet my granddaughter and grandson as they entered the store. My grandkids still talk about how the Easter bunny had them laughing, hopping around and getting ready for the Easter egg hunt in my backyard. For going that extra mile, I will continue to only shop and support our locally owned businesses and merchants who, like me, call the Brainerd area their home.

No answers

The Brainerd State Hospital is the newest one in the state. It is being demolished along with all the trees, etc. Who decided to do that? I have written to legislators more than once asking if the Department of Human Services or was it the legislators who decided to tear it down? No answers (I know they are busy campaigning). Several years ago, the administration building was closed for a long time so that all asbestos could be removed and the bricks were tuck pointed and the interior repainted and remodeled.

Minnesota Honest

People here may be known as “Minnesota Nice” but they should also be known as “Minnesota Honest.” Many thanks to the person who turned in my gold engraved necklace at Walmart Sunday. It is a reminder of a great trip I made a few years ago and would have been sadly missed. Thanks again.

April Fools’ joke?

The following help wanted was taken from the April 1 edition of the Brainerd Dispatch: Hourly wages offered were $7.50; $15-16; $9; $7.25; $8.50; $10-14; $7.25 and $12.50 for various positions. Was this an April Fools’ joke? Are they trying to attract immigrant workers? These are not living wages. Later the public will have to pay for housing allowances, food stamps and unemployment benefits so these same workers can make it through the winter season. Our local employers continue to exploit the labor force year after year. It’s a way the 1 percent keeps control of the 99 percent. Lakes area employers, please pay your fair share.

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