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Vox Pop-May 8

New wood chips needed

Dear Brainerd School District, if you happen to have any room left in the budget for next year, could you please replace the wood chips on the playgrounds? Thank you — the children’s clothes.

Young teachers not expendable

The best teacher I had in elementary school was in sixth grade. My best ever teacher was for English in high school. Both of these teachers were in their 30s. Young teachers shouldn’t be expendable so those with seniority can carry on no matter what their ability is.

Replace the trees

This is in regards to the northside in Brainerd. When Brainerd cuts down trees on the boulevard, can they please replant a tree in place of it? Otherwise, things are going to get very desolate. Our ancestors who did have all the trees, making it a nice area, always knew to plant back a tree. Now we drive past and there’s all kinds of areas that don’t have trees lining the streets. Brainerd has got to get a grip on this.

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