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UPDATE: Final Minnesota legislative bills may be passed in middle of the night

It’s open season for memories in fishing opener

The 2011 Minnesota fishing opener is here.

It’s time for some of us to work and for some to play. Some say fishing guides get to do both.

Whatever your situation this opening weekend, memories will be made.

One of my most memorable “opener” memories was sleeping in a fish house on the south end of Mille Lacs and hearing the waves crash against the rocks all night long, wondering if a rodent was going to make the rounds. Sleepless, yes.

Whether you are sleeping in your normal environment or in the fish house, it’s pretty certain that most fishermen/women on this opening weekend will be a little out of sorts (just a FYI). So if you are pulling a Rapala across your favorite flat or hopping a Northland Fireball along your favorite breakline or maybe slowly walking a Lindy Rig through the masses, I hope you have some action. The crappies and sunfish have been biting quite well, so keep this as an option if the walleyes don’t like your stuff.

Plug in, plug out!

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