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When talk turns to turkeys

With the turkey season opening on Wednesday, here are some things you might want to consider:

• Buy a license this spring and get out yourself or get the neighbor boy or girl out (kids get to pick any time period or zone). This is one of the most exciting sports out there.

• Everyone knows someone that has turkeys on their property or knows of some state land that has birds on or around it. Find a place to hunt — today.

• If you are going to pick up one call for starters, I would suggest a slate call or a box call. Both are easy to learn.

• Either spray your clothes with Permethrin spray or buy some Elimitick clothing to keep the ticks away.

• During the latter seasons you might consider picking up a Thermacell to keep the mosquitoes away and allow you to be still while Mr. Big is strutting his way toward you.

• Pick up a turkey head/neck target (about 55 cents) and shoot a round or two to make sure you are putting a good number of B.B.’s in head/neck area. You don’t want a body shot — these birds have bodies of armor.

• Be patient.

• Bring your camera into the field, and if you are solo, try to figure out how to use the timer feature (and then teach me). A photo of your bird will look better if it’s not taken on your freshly mowed yard.

• Keep the fan, beard, feet, wings and feathers — there are a lot of things you can do with them. Use your imagination or someone else’s (Google).

• Eat your bird right away, I like putting it in a smoker bag and cooking it on the grill (fast, easy and good).

Have fun and be safe.

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