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No crying wolf on turkey hunt

Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

We were.

Hayley and I were tucked up against the base of a large tree as two gobblers were letting everyone in the woods know where they were. We were thinking that we were the only ones in the woods on this beautiful morning last week. We had a realistic hen turkey decoy about 20 yards in front of us and Hayley (a sixth-grader), who was turkey hunting for the first time, was poised and ready to make a good shot on her first gobbler.

There was a 10-minute pause in the gobbling before they again sounded off — it seemed they were closer. Soon after, I spotted turkey heads bobbing through the underbrush and passed this on to Hayley and told her to get ready.

Hayley moved around a little more than I would have liked her to, and then the alarm went off. I mentioned to Hayley that the sound we heard was a turkey “danger” call. We waited a minute, and then I got a little more aggressive with my diaphragm call and immediately got a thundering gobble.

And there they were again, coming in from a slightly different direction, 20 yards out and to our right.

And there, too, was the wolf. It laid down for a second or two on the back side of our decoy, and then was back to its feet and quartering towards us. I grabbed the 20-gauge from Hayley, got to my feet and pulled my facemask back as we were being stared down at 10 yards.

I was trying to talk the wolf away, but it didn’t listen right away. My finger was ready to squeeze if it would have taken another step, but the wolf finally listened to my stern “get out of here” and slowly pranced its way around the back side of us and out of view.

Wow, that was the most intense situation I have been in for quite some time. Now we have a story that will be with us forever.

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