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Lake of the Week: Perch Lake

Perch Lake is located in the heart of Baxter and is a hidden gem in the heart of the Brainerd lakes area.

Perch is a quaint 274 acres with both panfish and bass in good numbers.  When the wind is shaking the trees on bigger lakes and you want to get the family some fish, look to Perch Lake and you won’t be disappointed. Most of the time, small northern pike and bass will be more than willing to bite pretty much anything that resembles a minnow.

When starting out, begin with a minnow-shaped crank bait to cover water. If you keep the boat in 16-20 feet and pitch into the lakes vast weed beds, you will have a fun day of catching all sorts of fish. Bass offer both quantity and quality, while northerns tend to be on the small side.  Walleyes exist in Perch, but consider them a bonus fish. This is not a lake to target walleyes.  

The panfish on Perch can be hard to find most times of the year due to the lack of structure on the lake. However, Perch Lake panfish can be found in the summertime around the deep weed edge, generally 11-15 feet. Typically, the thickest weed beds will hold the most fish. Look to the northwest side of the lake for the best weed growth. A small jig and your favorite panifsh bait under a float will work or fancast smaller jigs until you contact fish.

Perch is one of the many lakes close to Brainerd that offer great fishing opportunities close to home. You can use small boats or even a canoe and enjoy catching all day. There is a concrete access located off County Road 48.