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Brainerd Area Lake of the Week: White Sand Lake


White Sand Lake

White Sand is a 368-acre lake that lies within the city of Baxter. White Sand offers great multi-species opportunities for the whole family. White Sand is often overlooked because it is in the heart of Baxter. If you are looking for a break from the big lakes, give White Sand a look — you will not be disappointed.


When looking for early season sunfish action, find the weeds; sunfish are in the weeds in June. Use polarized lenses to find their beds. Starting in July, find the 6- to 10-foot breaks off the weed line and use a simple worm or leech with a bobber for non-stop sunfish action.

White Sand also holds a phenomenal bass population for both quality and quantity. For early season bass, cast the docks with jigs and plastics, spinners or topwaters (early morning). As the summer progresses, the bass move to the weed edges and can be targeted with jigs, spinnerbaits or crankbaits.

If you want pure action that can be fast and furious, look to the fantastic northern population on White Sand. For the best action, go “old school” and troll a daredevil along the weed lines. To find quality pike you will need to sift through a lot of smaller (hammer-handle) pike.

Walleye can be found, not in great numbers, but are regularly stocked, with the last stocking in 2011. Find the deeper breaks, 17-21 feet, locate fish with your electronics and work a live-bait rig. Doing this will also get you a lot of northerns.

Also, a renovated access off Memorywood Drive will accommodate larger boat trailers.

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