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Hit the weedlines out to 24 feet for walleyes and the shallow weeds for bass on Round Lake. The weedlines on the Merrifield end of North Long Lake are producing bass and a few walleyes, while the Highway 371 end is kicking out sunfish in shallow water. Leeches and shiner minnows are producing walleyes on the weedlines or in 25 to 30 feet at Gull Lake. Look for crappies in 10 to 12 feet on North Long, Cullen Lake, and Hubert Lake.


Plastics tossed on the weedlines of Mitchell Lake have produced smallmouth bass and tube jigs are turning a few crappies in the weeds. Work the north end of Eagle Lake for sunfish and crappies in eight to 12 feet. There’s an evening bite with suckers for pike at Washburn Lake in 15 feet.


Lindy rigs tipped with crawlers or leeches are triggering walleyes during the evening hours in 14 to 20 feet at Serpent Lake, Rabbit Lake, and Clearwater Lake. Trolling stickbaits over the 10- to 15-foot weed tops has produced northern pike at Bay Lake, Black Hoof Lake, and Upper Dean Lake. Upper Dean and Lake Adney are giving up crappies in eight to 12 feet and bass are hitting crankbaits or plastics in six to 10 feet at Serpent and Lower Mission Lake. Trout action has been best during low-light periods with long-lined Rapalas at Pennington Pit and Section Six Pit.


Leeches and crawlers are turning walleyes in 18 to 22 feet during the day at Woman Lake, Birch Lake, and Ten Mile Lake. Shad Raps also trigger fish during low-light periods in shallow water on these lakes. Look for bluegills in shallow water at Birch and Pleasant Lake, while muskies have been actively chasing jerkbaits and topwater baits on the cabbage flats of Baby Lake and Little Boy Lake. Largemouth bass are shallow on most lakes and smallmouths can be had on the six- to 12-foot breaks of Woman, Ten Mile, and Stoney Lake.


Walleye action has slowed, though leeches and shiner minnows are turning some fish on the 20-foot main-lake structure of Cass Lake. Pike are hitting crankbaits on the weedlines of Lake Andrusia and perch are being found in the reeds of Cass. Bluegills are shallow on Kitchi Lake and in the pencil reeds in Allen’s Bay on Cass, while crappies are in the lily pads in Buck Lake.


Crappies and sunfish are being caught on the shorelines out to six feet at Round Lake and Lake Minnewawa. Leeches and minnows are turning walleyes on Minnewawa in 18 to 20 feet and on Big Sandy Lake in 20 to 24 feet. The shorelines of Big Sandy are giving up a few panfish, while bass are hitting in the weeds of Round and northern pike in the weeds on Minnewawa.


Walleyes are hitting leeches and crawlers at Sugar Lake in 14 to 24 feet, spinner rigs and crawlers at Lake Pokegema in 14 to 20 feet, jigs and minnows in 24 to 30 feet at Deer Lake, and a jig and minnow or crawler in 18 to 24 feet at Bowstring Lake during the day. At night, these lakes also will produce walleyes in seven to 10 feet on Rapalas. Crankbaits are turning northern pike in 20 to 35 feet on Pokegama and Trout Lake. Look for crappies on the weedlines of Pokegama and Little Cutfoot Sioux Lake during the evening hours and bluegills remain along the shorelines of Bass Lake, Splithand Lake, Graves Lake, and Pokegama.


Leeches or crawlers are working best for walleyes at Fish Hook Lake in 18 to 21 feet. Northern pike are hitting sucker minnows in 14 feet at Fish Hook and Big Mantrap Lake, while largemouth bass are being found shallow on Fish Hook and smallmouth bass are shallow on Potato Lake and Big Sand Lake. Bluegills remain active in less than six feet of water on the Crow Wing Chain and crappies are hitting best during the evening hours in the 14- to 16-foot weeds of Big Mantrap.


Walleyes continue to be scattered on the bars and humps in 16 to 20 feet, as shallow as seven feet on the shoreline breaks and west-side points, and in nine to 14 feet off Little Stoney Point. A jig and minnow or spinner and crawler seems to be turning most fish, but it’s been difficult to establish a pattern or location. Northern pike remain an easy catch throughout the lake and perch also have scattered among the rocks and weeds along the west side.


Muskies are scattered at various depths on Lake Plantagenet; small bucktails are triggering bites. A jig and minnow is producing daytime walleyes, as are crankbaits at night in four to 10 feet on Lake Bemidji and Plantagenet. Look for bluegills on Turtle Lake and Little Turtle Lake.


Sunfish are being found on the shorelines or in the eight- to 12-foot weeds on lakes French, Francis, John, Sylvia, Granite, and Clearwater. Look for walleyes to hit leeches in 16 to 26 feet on Clearwater and Sugar Lake. The weedlines of Clearwater, Sylvia, and John are producing northern pike and bass with minnows and spinnerbaits working best. Crappies are being found in 15 to 20 feet on Clearwater and Pleasant Lake and muskie anglers are seeing a few more fish on the weedlines of Sugar.


Leeches, crawlers, or fathead minnows are turning walleyes in 15 to 18 feet at Lake Mary and Reno Lake. The same presentations will turn ‘eyes on Lake Miltona along the weedlines during low-light periods and in 16 feet during the day. Look for bluegills in the reeds on Lake Le Homme Dieu or Lake Darling and spinnerbaits are producing bass on the weedlines of most lakes. The weedlines of Miltona have provided consistent muskie action with BullDawgs.


Walleyes continue to hit leeches on Lake Koronis in 18 to 24 feet and on Horseshoe Lake in 16 to 20 feet. Look for sunfish along the shorelines out to eight feet on Koronis, Horseshoe, Long Lake, and Becker Lake. Northern pike and bass are hitting spinnerbaits on the weedlines of Grand Lake, Pearl Lake, and Rice Lake. Catfish action is strong with nightcrawlers throughout the Sauk River.


Leeches and crawlers are producing walleyes on the deep weedlines of Big Cormorant Lake, Pelican Lake, Big Detroit Lake, and Lake Melissa. Muskie anglers are raising fish in six to 10 feet at Pelican and Big Detroit. The majority of panfish are done spawning and have moved to the mid-depth weeds of lakes Severson, Deadshot Bay, Floyd, Sour, Melissa, and Big Detroit. Bass and northern pike can be had along the 12- to 14-foot weedlines of most lakes with minnows or spinnerbaits.

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