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Varmint fever out of South Dakota

I just returned the other day from Fort Pierre, S.D., where we were filming an episode of “We Love It Outdoors”, presented by Mills Fleet Farm.

We were shooting and hunting with Jeff from the Varmint Hunters Association. On the first day we shot at the range and hit the gongs (metal plates) all the way up to 600 yards! We were shooting the Mills exclusive ARs. The Huldra is a rifle that really rocks em! I am not really a rifleman but I will tell you what, I had an absolute blast!

Day two started with a coyote hunt where I ended up banging one down at around 450 yards. It’s still in the back of my truck (on ice) and I will be skinning it as soon as I am done at this computer.

That same afternoon I was able to shoot something else that was new to me — prairie dogs. That was a blast, too, and the Huldra was dead on!

I really enjoyed my time on the prairie but I am thankful that we don’t see 108 degrees here in central Minnesota. It was a serious scorcher. I am now a member of the Varmint Hunters Association and will be looking forward to my next opportunity to call in my next coyote!

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