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Righties on the left

As a fishing guide, I see people with different degrees of fishing experience. Some are brand spanking new to the sport, some are avid and the others fall somewhere in between.

I prefer to use a spinning rod and reel (as do most of our guides). When it’s time to drop our baits on the fish I will ask my party if they are right or left handed and as we know the majority of people on earth are righties. So then I go on to say that “most” right handed people hold the spinning rod with their right and reel with their left. Remember, this is spinning gear where the reel is meant to be under the rod as you are reeling. Experienced anglers will know this program but those that are “new” will look a little dazed and confused as you explain.

“No I am right handed but I reel on the right”, I will say OK and switch the crank over to the other side for them. About 10 minutes in to the trip they will ask me to switch it back.

Bruce Meinz, who guides for us, has a wise crack for most things and what he will say to them when they say they reel on the other side, “then fish on the other side of the boat!”.

The first time he said this to me, I cracked up! So, now you are probably running out to the garage to figure out what side you reel on. It’s just another one of those fishing guide things.

P.S. Fishing has been pretty good! We are doing the same old program, live bait rigging with chubs and jigging with smaller minnows. The multi-species action should keep you busy along the weed edges and on top of some rock piles! Go get em!, Walleyedan

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