Weather Forecast


Down time not necessarily bad time

Rain days can be good! For the farmer, most definitely but fisherman need them too. We need them to get caught up on all the things that pile up as we are out there on the water “working it”. Fishing guides’ jobs are never done! Lines need to be re-tied, boats need to be cleaned, phone calls and emails need to be returned, the lawn needs mowing (thanks Shell), the fishing reports need to be done, the family needs a little attention and the batteries need to be recharged both in our human bodies and on the boat!

So rain days can be good, except for the fact the we don’t get paid when we are not out doing our job. Yes, fishing can be really good during the rain but most of our customers are pretty fair weather and would rather make it another day. This has been a nice summer and as it winds down, let’s pray that we finish things out with rain at night and a good “bite” during the day!

p.s. It was a good walleye week and hopefully it doesn’t stop!

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