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Opening of goose season a family affair

Early goose was just that! Up early and decoys set before legal shooting time. Our first morning in the field was enjoyable but we did not get a crack at any honkers.

After the hunt I asked Mac (our 10-year-old son) if he wanted to hunt on Sunday and he said “not really”. That bummed me out a little but then he changed his mind when his friend Noah was able to come along and hunt (because Elizabeth dropped out due to a Hair Ball event).

So there we were, nestled into our layout blinds amongst some beautiful looking goose decoys waiting for the first honk (or sighting). Ducks, sand hill crane, crows, another duck, some hawks, some crows and then some geese. But they were off in the distance and on a mission that didn’t include a stop at our shop! We had learned a bit of a lesson the day before when we had honkers come at us as we were packing up. So we were ALL waiting pretty patiently. And there they were, about 10 of them coming right for us. We were supposed to wait for the word from Kyle, but once the birds were above me I could not resist! Boom, boom, boom and a few more and there they were, laying on the ground and in the pond! Four honkers down and Satch was a machine in his retrieves.

What an awesome experience to be in the field with my father, son, daughter and friends for the opening weekend of the early goose season! Off to the Ozarks to do some three-gunning.

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