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A fort with no walls

Portable tree stands have become the “norm” for most deer hunters (especially the archers) but there is something pretty special about the “old fashioned” permanent stand.

My son has wanted a tree-fort for quite some time now and I continue to make excuses and ignore him a bit. But the other day he brought it up again and I figured since he is interested in hunting deer (with bow and arrow), I thought maybe a tree stand could take the place of a fort. It worked! So we went out and picked the “perfect” trees in the “perfect” spot and started to get our act together. Hammer, nails, level, ladder and lumber were gathered up and we were on our way.

The base is built and there it sits, waiting for day two. This project would have been another good reason to homeschool, it would have been done already. It’s those other subjects (math, English, science) where he would get absolutely nowhere with our (my) teaching, so thank you teachers (Mrs. B.)!

With our busy schedules, hard saying when we will get back there and put up a rail and some climbing sticks. I am pretty sure Mac will be reminding me quite often and I’m pretty sure he will get to enjoy some nice, nature time sitting in the fort (with no walls) in the years to come. Off to the lake, Walleyedan P.S. The walleyes have been pretty darn cooperative.

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