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Gearing up for a busy start to fall

I just picked up my 12-year-old daughter at the American Legion in Brainerd. Congrats Elizabeth, Jordyn and the rest of the kids who passed their firearms safety class. And thank you to all of the instructors. Be safe and happy hunting for the rest of your lives.

I also want to say congratulations to my friend, Jim, who bagged a nice 10-pointer with his bow and arrow the other night. And then there is Rae Walthall, a “regular reader” of this column that I would like to wish a happy 99th birthday. I guess this is turning into a bit of a “what’s doing” this week. A few other things that are on the agenda: I get to “guide” the most legendary angler in Minnesota tomorrow. Saturday is opener of the fall turkey season and also the Grand View Lodge golf/fish tournament. Fred is letting me know the strategy for the fishing tournament – maybe he is looking for me to give him some golf tips. And then it’s almost time (next week) for the disabled veterans hunt at Camp Ripley – this will be fun.

Lots of things going on and the weather has been spectacular, how can you beat Minnesota? Go Vikes.

P.S. The walleyes continue to bite pretty well and we won’t be putting the boats away until there is ice on the boat ramps.

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