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Taking aim in the waterfowl Mecca

I have been hearing for many years about Devils Lake, N.D., and what it offers to the duck and goose hunter.

I remember seeing photos of my brother and dad and the birds they bagged in Devils Lake while I was left behind back in elementary school. Just last week I was able to experience the waterfowl Mecca for myself. It was all it had been cracked up to be and then some.

We joined up with guide Jason Mitchell at Woodland Resort and spent a couple of days with him. There is a lot that goes into this type of field hunting and I would say that between the scouting, decoy setting and hunting, that this really is work.

After two days of hunting I was quite wiped and had burning thighs from the crunches I was doing in the blind (up and down, peeking out for birds). And the knees were not feeling too swell either from kneeling in sparse cover one of the days. Can you say out of shape? Yes, a little bit. But boy oh boy was it worth every minute! Our best shoot happened on the evening of day two where we had mallards by the hundreds circling over the top of our homemade cattail blind.

I know duck can get a bad rap for its taste but we did join up with Marty, Laura and Scott Glorvigen at their quaint little duck camp and let me tell you that we had some of the best duck shore lunch ever made!

Duck down, Walleyedan.

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