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Walleye Dan: Hunting opener

I’m writing on this early Thursday morning with whitetail deer on the brain.

I can’t exactly pin what it is about my whitetail fascination but I think it’s more than shooting a deer. In fact I know it is.

I really appreciate wildlife and that may sound contradictory to some because of how much I enjoy hunting. But as I age I have learned to see so much more than the rack. Do not get me wrong, I am still looking for my first Pope and Young whitetail. I have learned a lot about deer (and life) over the years from watching, waiting and listening for deer. They are awesome creatures!

Hunting deer is so many things: patience, wonder, scent, wind, listening, cold, grunts, sun, moon, snorts, scrapes and rubs, watching, stand location, rut, rattling, scouting, nature, stories and more. The other morning I spotted a deer and at about the time it was within my bow range, I had a squirrel climbing my tree and a phone vibrating in my pocket. The yearling deer proceeded to lay down at about 30 yards and another one followed suit right behind.

As deer hunting has seen so many changes in the past years, it still has so many awesome characteristics. We can make it simple or we can make it technical. I think we can all learn a lot about life while hunting the whitetail.

Enjoy the hunt and make sure your senses are at their peak! Here are some tips going into the 2012 Minnesota deer firearm season:

• No. 1, pray.

• No. 2, wear warm, quiet and scent free clothing.

• No. 3, I believe in Scent Killer spray! Spray everything.

• No. 4, a bottle of Golden Estrus (or something similar) might just be the answer.

• No. 5, hand and toe warmers can be saviors.

• No. 6, try to grunt, bleat or tickle your rattling horns or bag.

• No. 7, don’t move so much!

• No. 8, bring a snot rag.

• No. 9, buy a $20 ticket, you might shoot a winner!

• No. 10. be safe! Safety is usually first on most lists but I saved it for last, so it’s at the front of the brain.

Get out of stand on Tuesday and go vote! For the person you think has the right morals, values and vision for our fragile country and we’ll see you at the polls!


p.s. I will be out there Saturday at the crack with Mac!

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