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The quiet season

Deer? What deer?

I don’t know about you but something seems a little weird about this deer season. Maybe we should blame it on the election year. Or the wolves, or the full moon that preceded the rifle season or maybe the mild weather. I can’t put my finger on it, but either the population is down or it has moved to a different area!

Our area is usually loaded with deer but who knows, maybe someone is drawing them away with some tasty “goods”. Opening morning I was sitting with my son and there was a less than normal amount of shots fired in the vicinity (this has been the case all week too). We had a heavy-footed deer really close to our stand just before shooting time on Saturday and it was enough to make Mac sweat (he got the “fever”)! Too bad it didn’t respond to our grunt call.

We did get back out a couple of other times after school but we did not see any deer. I hunted one evening with Elizabeth and that was quiet, too. We are planning on hunting Friday so we’ll just have to how things shake out. I am still looking for Mr. Big to come within bow range but I have yet to let an arrow fly. I have spotted a number of smaller bucks and one other that has my interest.

Next week is going to be interesting as I will be picking up a deer rifle for the first time in about 10 years in hopes of putting the cross hairs on a Wisconsin brute! But we will finish this Minnesota season off with some more TOS (time on stand) this weekend. We will keep you posted! And congratulations to those of you that have had success. I have been sent some awesome looking deer photos.

Have fun during the second week of deer camp, WalleyeDan.

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