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Ice ready, waiting on snow

No snow, grey skies and Christmas approaching.

Isn’t Christmas supposed to be white, bright and joyful? Well, we will probably get there (hopefully sooner than later) but for now I guess we just take a day at a time and still be joyful.

I was down at the St. Paul Ice Show last weekend and by the looks of things, there are a lot of people that are gung ho to get out and fish! Continue to make safety your number one priority as you head out on the ice! I was out last evening with my son Mac but instead of fishing rods we were toting hockey sticks.

If you haven’t skated on a lake, you are missing the boat! It’s a pretty cool feeling to be able to just go and go and go without doing circles or running into some boards. I’m thinking a new Olympic sport should be tip-up fishing on skates. In fact, if we don’t get any snow in the next few days I think that is what we will do this weekend — practice for Russia in 2014!

p.s. Still looking for that special deer! And I will be sure his or her nose is not bright! Loving it Outdoors, Walleyedan.

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