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'Tis the season

All I want for Christmas is:

1. Some thicker ice!

2. A new Jiffy, 10-inch propane auger.

3. A nice buck.

4. To not fall off the fiscal cliff (whatever that is!) or in the drink.

5. A Viking win over the Packers!

6. A happy family.

7. Some will power not to eat everything in sight!

8. A Huldra and some alone time at the new Mills shooting range.

9. “Jingles” (the biggest walleye in Gull Lake).

10. A new, lightweight wheel house.

Actually, I don’t need a darn thing! But this week I was struggling to find a topic to write on, as you can see!

I hope all of you don’t stress out too much over this Christmas season (as I know there are a lot of folks that can’t stand it!).

I believe that the season is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus and all the hustle and bustle needs to be put on the back burner! I know it’s hard to not get caught up in all the gift giving, card writing, baking, relative loving and all that other stuff.

I believe Jesus wants us all to display the fruits of the Spirit and enjoy his birthday with friends, family and the walleyes!

Be safe, Walleyedan.

p.s. The ice depths are variable, so be careful!

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