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The wonder of ice fishing

I am just about ready to meet my morning clients at the landing, do I go where it was good last night or try something new? During the open water season, things are easier! Finding fish and finding active fish just isn’t as easy during the winter months.

We can’t go off of where the wind has been pushing the bait, we need to go explore and kind of “fish on memories”, like Shelley would say.

For me, I honestly could fish a new spot everyday and be good with that. It’s the wonder that makes this sport of ice fishing so cool. Are they on this spot? What depth? Are they going to bite tonight? They should bite tonight! Why aren’t they biting? Where did they go? What color, size, how far off the bottom? In the weeds, in the rocks or on the deep sandy point? Oh, is it ever peaceful out here, who really gives a rip that we aren’t catching them tonight.

I often catch myself saying how beautiful it is out on the open ice but I really do give a rip! I was absolutely thrilled last night when I picked up my customers from one of our fish houses and they had a nice bucket of walleyes. Now that makes me feel good. And of course I had to quiz them on all those who, what, wheres and whens!

Right now I need to go figure out what those walleyes are up to this morning. ”Can’t fish on memories ... right Shell!”

Happy, healthy and a blessed New Year to all of your readers! Walleyedan.

P.S. Nick Adams passed away. He was a blessing to the fishing industry! A real wonderful man.

P.S.S. The new show is now premiering on Monday, Jan. 7, at 6:30 p.m. on FSN!

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