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Hopes and dreams for the new year

We’re in 2013, who would have thought?

But I guess as long as it’s here we better start checking things off the “bucket list”! For starters, let’s win that darn Super Bowl for once.

The premier of the new “We Love It! Outdoors” television show is on this Monday, please tune in at 6:30 p.m. on FSN.

Other things that one should be thinking right now is turkeys. Applications are due by Friday, Jan. 13, (those age 17 and under by April 18 need not apply). Maddie, you don’t need to apply. My daughter Alex is going to call in a big, long beard for her friend Maddie this spring (at least that is the plan).

Guess what else is coming? The Extravaganza is slated for Jan. 19 and I think it’s about time to win that too J! I’m thinking a tip-up might be in store again this year ... and maybe the custom green box will be the answer!

As long as I’m dreaming, maybe this is the year for “Jingles” (the fish) to meet her maker, too. She must be pushing 19 pounds (or at least 17 pounds 9 ounces) by now!

The ice is nice, but another 8 inches would be better. Have a great week and I will howl at you next week after my first ever wolf hunt!


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