Weather Forecast


Extravaganza ready

Hello all of you visitors and welcome to the great white north!

We are thankful you came and let us know what we can do to make your stay a nice one. If you are reading this just before you venture out on to Hole-in-the-Day Bay for the largest ice fishing contest in the world, I wish you well!

I will be out there, too, and so will every other Tom, Dick, Harry, Larry, Mary, Pete and Shelley from across the globe. At least I think Shelley (my wife) will be out there.

The weather forecast (looking at it now, on Thursday morning) calls for about 20 degrees with a 20 mph west-northwest wind. Could make for a little ice around the hole. Maybe the charcoal trick is the answer this year ... never tried it.

My prediction this year has not been easy to come by, not sure what is going to happen. I wonder if that means I will win this darn thing for the first time in 20 some years. Probably not going to happen, so here is my prediction: I will say that a walleye will win it and it will be caught on a golden shiner in 53 feet of water at about 2:30 p.m. As for the weight, we’ll say 7 pounds right on the nose!

Enjoy the day out at Hole-in-the-Day! — Walleyedan.

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