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Taking the mind off the frigid weather

Really cold, that’s what it is right now on this Friday morning as I write to you. My truck thermometer said 27 degrees below zero, give or take a few, and it’s still really cold.

I was out at the fish houses this morning and our renters are out there jigging as I speak to you. A few of them are from Georgia and one of them was grounded at the airport as they awaited for the tornado activity to be cleared. Pretty crazy world eh, going from tornadoes to the tundra in a day.

And I almost forgot, it’s beach day at Nisswa School today. At least the sun is shining (and I’m sure it’s about 70 degrees in there today) so all should be well! And yet another way to try and beat the “winter blues” — head down to the boat show in the cities this weekend and do a little shopping (or dreaming)! I might work my way down there and hang out with the folks from Larson Boats.

It’s not a “done deal” but it is looking like some of our guides will be running the new FX series of Larson fishing boats.

How about a little swim? The Dolphin Swim Team is swimming their section meet in Duluth on Saturday, swim fast Elizabeth and you other Dolphins!

Time to snap back out of it, it’s still cold.

Happy February, Walleyedan.

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