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Thinking spring

Time for open water planning.

The Larson Boats are ordered, the pontoon is ordered, we’re having some guide discussions, trips are being booked already, new promotional literature is being thought about and we have over 2 feet of ice covering the lakes.

I am not a planner but the less I plan the more I realize it’s something that is very important. But why start now? Maybe it’s because I’m not moving quite as fast as I once was or, maybe, my slower than normal functioning brain is finally starting to regenerate. Hard to say, maybe it’s because things have gotten to a different form of “busy” and we need to plan in order to stay on things. We are right smack in the middle of winter, I guess this helps, too — what else is a person to do during the “winter blues” period.

Once that sun starts to burn though the snow and the temperatures get above the freezing mark with some consistency, things are going to start rocking and the “plan” will then become a day to day thing.

I hope you have a good plan for the weekend and I hope it involves getting out in the elements (I will be indoors for most of it at the Log Home and Cabin show)! Sounds like we might get a little exercise too, warm up those bodies the snow is on the way.

Have a good week and I will try to have something a little more exciting for you!


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