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Pulling a pig from the bay

Good morning! Just wanted to let you know, I am running on adrenaline and some coffee so if I “peter out” half way through this you will know why.

We returned early this morning from Green Bay, Wis., where we wrapped up the 2013 filming for our new television show “We Love It! Outdoors” on the bay of Green Bay.

We went over there to do a whitefish ice fishing show with a possibility of catching a big walleye or two. It was another success and all I can say is that this first year of filming has been nothing short of miraculous. Thanks God!

We caught a great number of whitefish and we caught some big walleyes, including a “pig” (9-plus pounder) yesterday morning.

I was in the Sno Bear with Brian Sticka (Mills Fleet Farm fishing buyer) and Mike Hehner (camera man from Lindner Media), when the red line appeared on my Vexilar. Seconds later, I set the hook into what I knew was a huge walleye! With the rod tip up, I opened the door on the Sno Bear to make for some room to land the huge fish. After I reached into the hole and pulled her out, all I could do is fall on my back in relief! What a feeling! It was the largest walleye I have iced in a long time and I am now “petering out”!

Have a nice weekend and thank you for reading, Walleyedan.

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