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WalleyeDan: Seeing the whole picture

Sometimes we just don’t realize how good we have it.

It’s easy to complain about the weather, our jobs, etc. But after my last guide trip, I will hope to have a little more appreciation as I “press on” with the rest of my life here on earth.

John and Tom Ashton, two brothers from Milaca, certainly have a battle that isn’t an easy one. Ice fishing is something they really enjoy and it was a “bucket list” selection for them. With the shape they are in, it’s not easy for either one (especially Tom) to get out and fish on their own. That’s where My Bucket List MN came into play and this is how I met up with the brothers.

A customer of our guide service and his family had contacted me via email asking if I had any openings to take the brothers out fishing. I had an opening on my calendar and just this past weekend we (Tom, John and I) spent some time together on the ice. It was an experience that I will not forget and it is my prayer and hope that neither one of these brothers have to suffer like this.

It’s easy for me to whine and complain over the little things sometimes but after my experience with Tom and John I really need to see the “whole picture” and be thankful for each day. I think moments like this are incredible reminders of what struggles people are going through each day around this wild world.

The guys were really thankful and I mentioned to them a couple of times, that this is how the world is supposed to function — people helping where and when they can.

Thanks to My Bucket List MN, the awesome family from Wisconsin that wanted to remain anonymous (who financially made it possible for the guys), Lee J, Mike and many others that provided for these guys. Even a donor taxidermist pitched in to mount a nice walleye that John caught! Just awesome, that’s all.


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