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Friendly tips for the Extravaganza

Last year was brutal, this year the weather during the Extravaganza is going to be about the same, minus a little wind. The older I get the colder I get! I can still hack a lot, but my toes and fingers have been frozen so many times they can’t quite handle it like they used to. This year I will have foot warmers, hand warmers and will be layered up pretty good. Here are some tips and some friendly advice for Extravaganza 2014:

• Buy a Minnesota fishing license, a ticket for the tourney, some raffle tickets.

• Buy a raffle ticket for the Larson Boat they are giving away at this year’s governor’s opener.

• Bring a sharp chisel.

• Smile pretty, sounds like National Geographic will be doing a story on the contest

• Buy food on the ice, it goes to good causes.

• If you aren’t super intent on fishing, use a tip-up and rig it with shiner minnow on a 1/0 hook and a few split shot about a foot or so above the hook.

• Buy an insulated hole cover if you are fishing a standard tip-up.

• There are other tip-ups that cover the hole, go look at your favorite store. ... I think you know mine.

• Bring your Vexilar and keep your eyes open for anything in the water column.

• Don’t forget why we are out there. The local charities thank you, as do all the restaurants, hotel, motel and resorts.

Well, I best be firing up the Sno Bear now, it’s Extravaganza eve and I have a group of guys that I am meeting at the 371 landing quite soon! I’m hoping the action is a little better than it has been the last couple of days. Pretty sure some of the fish don’t like this weather we have been having either! Enjoy the weekend and we’ll talk at you later!