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Turkey Time

March I’m going march you down the aisle!

As I am writing this column today on March 3, my feet are freezing and the outdoor temperature is 20 below the zero mark!

I think all of us are ready to see this winter march right down the aisle and right out of town. Maybe not everyone. Mount Ski Gull has to be loving it, the snowmobilers are loving it as are the cross country skiers and some others.

Someone just reminded me the other day that we were just complaining a few years ago that we never get any snow and now that we’ve got it, we are whining again! Sorry God.

The animals are taking a serious beating this winter, that is a fact! I’m afraid it’s going to be “only the strong” that survive this year!

How about those turkeys? Wouldn’t you think they would freeze their feet off with these temperatures? I am right now, in my house! I think most of you know that I love turkeys and when I start thinking turkeys my mind starts to gobble! The spring season will begin in just over a month and the way it’s shaping up, it looks like we may be hunting them in the snow again!

If you would like to talk more turkey, please head Saturday to the Nisswa American Legion (or call first to see if there is still room) for the NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation) banquet. Strut right in and do a little yelpin’ and purrin’ with some other gobbler lovers! Lots of prizes, great food and just a really nice way to get your mind out of the snow bank. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. I will not see you there this year, I will be in turkey country!

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