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What's Up Outdoors: Hop around for warmth, fish

The author, Jamie Dietman, holds a large walleye caught through the ice on a recent angling outing. Submitted photo

In today's world, I have the best Striker ice suit, waterproof insulated boots and layers of the warmest clothing out there. Some days I still get chilled with these below zero days. It just makes me think we must be getting softer or maybe it's just me.

Generations before me, like my dad, would be outside all winter whether it be fishing or trapping, or in my dad's case trapping minnows. The warmest clothes available then wouldn't hold a candle to today's, but he was out there everyday and never complained.

But then again they also had to walk uphill both ways to school everyday.

This week the key to staying warm for me has been hopping. From lake hopping to hole hopping, the key has been to stay on the move. Finding a few active fish at each spot and eventually ending up with some fish for the pan.

Once that was out of the way it was off to Mille Lacs again to have some fun catching, not keeping. And even though we never got into a great bite it was still better than most lakes on a good day.

Getting away from the crowds was key, 24-28 feet deep using a gold tumbler spoon or macho minnow tipped with a minnow head. Some anglers were having good luck with big shiners but it wasn't working for us. Good luck and stay warm out there.