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What's Up Outdoors: Shallow water fishing is heating up

It's not very often this south end of the state has open water and the north still has driveable ice. But I guess it's another season of messed up weather. No matter how you look at it, we are one step closer to spring and open water fishing.

The good news is the panfish have started their late ice bite, and the shallow water crappies are one of my favorites bites. Also the trout are biting.

We have been finding that 7-12 feet of water with a gold or silver spoon filled with wax ire has been the hot combination. I was planning on having a great story about the Lake Winnipeg greenbacks (walleye), then after some research and talking to other anglers, we decided to cancel our trip.

It sounds like it's another Mille Lacs. Commercial fishing has taken what was an amazing fishery and now has made it average at best.

You can still go catch some fish but the days of lots of big fish are few and far between. We will have to see what Canada does, but it sounds pretty devastating. So if you still want to catch one of the greenbacks go sooner than later.