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Walleyedan: Easter - is not about bunnies, turkeys or crappies

The world is in unrest. Easter is this weekend, turkey season is open here in Minnesota, the lakes are too. Crappies are going to get caught, the Minnesota Wild started their Stanley Cup run, the new boat is about ready and just squeaked into the garage, I'm out of shape, smartphones are making us dumb, ticks are thick, but God is good.

Easter. No, not bunnies. But it is a "holiday" that the retailers absolutely make a killing on.

As I've finally come to the age where I'm starting to "get it," it's actually quite easy to see what's going on around us. Satan rules right now, but the important thing to know is that he won't win in the end.

It's pretty easy to fall into his traps, and yes, I do it myself. But once you get "clued in" it's easier to get out of them. Everyone is so afraid to speak, and offend someone or some group of people. I guess I'm using my words, and this column today to let it be known that Jesus is the only way that we're going to get out of here before things get worse.

Yes, I'm a sinner, and yes you're a sinner. But for those that have accepted the fact that God did send His son Jesus here to earth to die for us and have said this with their lips (and believe it in their heart), we will be saved.

Heaven. Do you want to know the alternative? Pretty sure we all know. So, peeps, enjoy Easter weekend and I hope a gobbler is in your future. I just watched a long beard strutting his stuff in front of three hens. Lots of showing off, but not a peep out of his mouth! So, there's something for you to chew on.

If you are interested in learning more about the awesome wild turkey, I would suggest you get some camo, spray yourself down with tick dope, grab a call or two and a gun or bow! And get after it!

Don't miss the boat,


P.S. If you are interested in a crappie fishing trip, this is the time.