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What's Up Outdoors: Trophy fish, shore lunch and more at Tazin

Trevor Montgomery (left) and Bret Amundson show off a pike caught on Tazin Lake in Saskatchewan. 1 / 10
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Trevor Montgomery of Tazin Lake Lodge prepares a lake trout shore lunch on the boat on Tazin Lake. Jamie Dietman3 / 10
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So last week I was a little too excited to get back on the water to tell the whole story.

I touched base on the amazing lake trout fishing at Tazin Lake, so this week I will get you the rest of the story.

First of all, the resort amenities and lodge. If you think for one minute that there won't be all the comforts of home, you are wrong. The lodge is equipped with a tackle shop, comfy leather couches and satellite TV, although you will probably be too tired from reeling in fish to watch it.

The dining area looks out on the lake so when you are enjoying five-star meals from an executive chef you can plan the next day's fishing adventure. The meals are all top notch with fresh cookies, breads and desserts all made daily. But the shore lunch still may be the most memorable meals. On small islands you will be treated to beer-battered pike and lake trout with all the fixin's, while it's being prepared you can catch fish from shore or just take in the view. The cabins are equipped with everything you need, running hot water and comfortable beds, but take it from me, you will be so tired you could sleep anywhere.

The lake, Tazin Lake, is a big body of water with an island in the middle, so wind isn't a factor. Also islands and points and bays everywhere make fishing spots easy to find. With huge quantities of bait fish, including whitefish, burbot and cisco, and depths over 450 feet and limited anglers, it's just meant to be a trophy fish factory.

Another key factor is no commercial fishing is allowed, so you could very well catch fish older than you. We were after trophies, but if you wanted numbers, I don't see it being a problem catching 5- to 10-pound fish 'til your arms fell off.

After we had our fill of huge lake trout, we chased pike. You do not have to chase far though. Over 40 inches was a pretty easy goal to reach with the occasional 45 inch-plus. Fishing with light tackle and in shallow bays made it even more fun. Sight fishing was easy with the extremely clean water, and often when you hooked a big one a bigger one would come to investigate. I seemed like they were lining up to bite your lure.

This week has been a blur with all the questions and congratulations of my lake trout. Making me realize now more than ever it was a trip of a lifetime. With that being said I need to thank the people that made this trip possible, Travel Saskatchewan, Trevor Montgomery and the crew at Tazin Lake Lodge, and Bret Amundson. Thank you all so much.

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