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Fishing Report for Aug. 13


Slip bobbers and leeches or Lindy Rigs and redtails are producing some walleyes in the weeds or 16 to 20 feet of water at Whitefish Lake, North Long Lake, and Gull Lake. The shallow weeds in the Highway 371 Bay on North Long, Lake Margaret, and Cullen Lake remain best for sunfish, but crappie reports have been limited. Sucker minnows are turning northern pike on Gull in 8 to 12 feet and North Long in 12 to 15 feet.


Smallmouth bass are being caught with tubes on the south end of Roosevelt Lake in 5 feet. You'll find crappies in 8 to 12 feet on Ruth Lake and sunfish near the lily pads in 6 to 8 feet at Eagle Lake. Trolling crankbaits in 8 to 12 feet has produced northern pike on Upper Dean Lake.

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Crankbaits are producing a few walleyes in 8 to 12 feet at night, as are spinners and crawlers in 18 to 20 feet during the day on Woman Lake. The shallow weeds on Birch Lake, Big Boy Lake, and Portage Lake are producing bluegills and a few crappies. The weedlines on Wabedo Lake remain the area's best bet for muskies, while smallmouth bass remain active on the shorelines and rocks on Stoney Lake, Webb Lake, and Portage.


Plastics are producing smallmouth bass on the 14- to 18-foot rocks and there has been some big bass caught in deeper water away from this structure. Trolling on the north end in 14 to 16 feet remains the best option for muskies, and crankbaits are turning northern pike on the weedlines in St. Alban's Bay, Cove Bay, and Garrison Bay.


Slow-death rigs or spinners tipped with crawlers are turning a few walleyes on the main lake rocks or 10- to 14-foot weedlines. Some fish are being pulled from the shallow weeds as well. Crankbaits or slip bobbers and leeches continue to produce walleyes off Sand Point in 10 to 12 feet during the evening hours and after dark. Hit the reeds in Boy Bay and Steamboat Bay for largemouth bass and the deep, main lake rocks for smallmouth. Bucktails and topwater baits are the best options for muskies on the rocks as well.


With water levels rising a bit on the Mississippi River, anglers are again finding a mixed bag of fish (catfish, smallmouth bass, walleyes, and rough fish) in the deeper holes and current break areas. Sunfish continue to be found in less than 10 feet on Beauty Lake, Sebie Lake, and Green Prairie Lake. The weedlines on Lake Alexander are giving up a few crappies each evening, and largemouth bass continue to be caught on most lakes.