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What's Up Outdoors: Crazy for the elk hunt

By the time this goes to print and everyone is reading this, if all goes well I will have 14 hours behind the wheel and 5 or 6 miles on my boots.

By Friday afternoon I should be all set up at my favorite elk hunting spot. The plan is to hike in and set up my little one-man tent and be right by the elk when the season starts. A lot of people think I'm crazy but for some reason I felt I needed to do a solo hunt. I still might be crazy. I have taken as many safety steps as possible, but from food and water to first aid everything has to be as light as possible. And one thing you find out quickly is those ounces add up to pounds really quick. Now I just need the animals to cooperate and with a little luck I will have quite a story to tell. Being I shot an elk two years ago and last year my first mule deer, I think this has to be the next step to further my hunting goals. Now just pray I see that bull and he gives me the opportunity I need. See you all in a week or two.

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