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Traveling bowling league reaches midseason

>The Central 8 Traveling Classic Bowling League competed at Paul Bunyan Bowl in Baxter on Sunday, marking the midway point of the season.

High team series honors went to Baxter with 3,471, Little Falls with 3,194 and Brainerd with 3,182.

All three high team games were by Baxter with 1,216, 1,143 and 1,130.

High individual series was by Brett Anderson of Baxter with 748, Larry Birkedahl of Baxter with 739 and Justin Brown of Brainerd with 710.

High individual game was by Doug Schmidt of Little Falls, Lonny Warner of Little Falls and Justin Brown of Brainerd, all with 279s.

League standings

Baxter 183.5-56.5, Little Falls 172.5-67.5, Aitkin 142-98, Brainerd 113.5-126.5, McGregor 111.5-128.5, Isle 104-136, Pine River 94-146, Crosby 37-203