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STATE ALPINE SKI MEET: Hutchison ends career on solid note

Brainerd’s Savannah Stone skied at Ski Gull earlier this week. The sophomore fin1 / 2
Brainerd’s Rian Hutchison sped down the slopes of Ski Gull at the Warriors’ Invi2 / 2

Things didn’t finish like they began for Brainerd Warriors Alpine skiers Wednesday in the state meet at Giants Ridge in Biwabik.

For senior Rian Hutchison that was a good thing. 

For Savannah Stone it wasn’t.

Hutchison climbed from 58th on his first run to finish 43rd in his first state meet and his final one as a prep skier.

“It was a pretty good day,” said Hutchison. “The courses were rutted up by the time I got to go, but it was really fun just to compete against that competition. I was hoping to finish a little better.

“It was definitely a memorable experience.”

Hutchison skied a 38.0 on his first run and a 37.5 on his second run for a combined 1:15.5

“Rian was kind of our star today,” Ruttger said. “He had two good runs. He was in 58th place after the first run and then nailed a good second run and ended up in 43rd place.

“That was a good result for how far back he was after the first run. If you look at the last third of the field on the second run, I bet he had one of the fastest times. 

“Your finish at sections determines your seed time at state and Rian isn’t used to skiing back that far. He is usually one of the first guys down the course. That was a little more of a challenge for him.”

Stone, a sophomore skiing in her third state meet, was in seventh place after the first run as she cruised to a 37.03. Her trouble came on the second run where she finished in 49:32 to drop to 64th place.

“Savannah had a really fast first run,” said Ruttger. “She was in seventh after the first run. On her second run in the afternoon, she got past a gate and had to stop and hike back up. She was on pace for top five after that first run.

“The snow conditions were really interesting today. It was so warm and throughout the length of the course you would go from where the sun was hitting to shaded areas so there were a lot of inconsistencies and that might have thrown Savannah out of rhythm.”

Stone’s other state meets resulted in a 72nd as an eighth grader and  a 17th last year. She was hoping to beat last year’s place, but wasn’t too disappointed that she didn’t.

“I’m really happy with that first run because I stacked up really well with a lot of the top competitors,” said Stone. “It was one of my fastest runs ever. 

“I just went into it and skied as fast as I could and see how I stacked up. I was really pleased with it. On my second run I just wanted to try to go all out again, but I got a little bit behind on the bottom, skied out and then had to hike back.”

Junior Thor Linnerooth struggled on his first run and did not finish.

“Thor had a difficult time on his first run,” said Ruttger. “He missed a gate and then ended up skiing off the course for a disqualification. It’s a challenging course. It’s very unforgiving if you get behind. It’s hard to recover because things are going by so fast. That’s what happened to Thor. 

“It was disappointing, but hopefully we can get him back here next year and have a better result.”

Boys team scores: 1-St. Thomas Academy 174, 2-Minnetonka 167, 3-Centennial 154, 4-Orono 111, 5-Burnsville 108, 6t-Stillwater 95, 6t-Edina 95, 8-Duluth East 84

Individual winner: Dylan Thomas (St. Thomas) 1:07.0

Brainerd boys results: 43-Rian Hutchison 1:15.50, Thor Linnerooth DQ

Girls team scores: 1-Minnetonka 149, 2-Bloomington Jefferson 140, 3t-Minnehaha Academy 135, 3t-Benilde-St. Margaret’s 135, 5-Edina 120, 6-Hermantown 109, East Ridge 108, 8-Duluth East 105

Individual winner: Brenna Murray (Bloomington) 1:13.4

Brainerd results: 64-Savannah Stone 1:26.3

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