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SWIMMING AND DIVING: Warriors enjoy success in preliminaries in Sec

ALEXANDRIA — Brainerd’s Bradyn Watson swam the fastest 200-yard individual medley and 100 breaststroke in Friday’s Section 8-2A prelims.

The Warriors also qualified first in two relays and Sam Dellacecca was first in the 100 free heading into Saturday’s finals.

Other top Warrior qualifiers included Josh McKeag, who was second in the butterfly and third in the backstroke.

Sam Dellacecca was third in the 50 free. Tyler Schneider was third in the 200 freestyle and fifth in the 500 free.


200 medley relay: 1-Brainerd (Josh McKeag, Bradyn Watson, Chase Wickman, Sam Dellacecca) 1:42.45

200 freestyle: 1-Collin Krueger (ER) 1:49.34, 3-Tyler Schneider (Brd) 1:52.60, 5-Adam Warren (Brd) 1:53.95, 6-Andrew Solseth (Brd) 1:54.63, 11-Nick Goll (Brd) 1:56.35

200 individual medley: 1-Watson 2:06.06, 5-Justin Kuglin (Brd) 2:09.95, 9-Trent Anderson (Brd) 2:16.23, 10-Wickman 2:26.85

50 freestyle: 1-Noah Dalluge (SMA) 22.79, 3-Dellacecca 23.20, 6-Justin Warling (Brd) 23.47, 15-John Wells (Brd) 24.64, 22-Justin Sachs (Brd) 25.22

100 butterfly: 1-Bennett Freitag (Alex) 54.94, 2-McKeag 55.51, 6-

Wickman 59.10, 14-Joey Stromberg (Brd) 1:03.03, 15-Matt Majerle (Brd) 1:03.21

100 freestyle: 1-Dellacecca 49.60, 8-Kuglin 51.39, 11-Warren 52.41, 15-Warling 53.71

500 freestyle: 1-Krueger (ER) 5:02.52, 5-Schneider 5:06.76, 8-Goll 5:18.21, 9-Solseth 5:19.88, 15-Matt Wright (Brd) 5:30.22

200 freestyle relay: 1-Elk River 1:35.50, 5-Brainerd (Warling, Watson, Wells, Schneider) 1:36.53

100 backstroke: 1-Friend Bechtel (ER) 57.24, 3-McKeag 58.91, 11-Luke Jacobsen (Brd) 1:01.48, 12-Majerle 1:01.78. 15-David Supinski (Brd) 1:04.56

100 breaststroke: 1-Watson 1:00.97, 4-Sachs 1:04.35, 9-Joe Wells (Brd) 1:06.49, 10-Anderson 1:06.65

400 freestyle relay: 1-Brainerd (Dellacecca, Kuglin, Schneider, McKeag) 3:25

Next: Brainerd in Section 8-2A meet at Alexandria, diving prelims noon, swimming and diving finals 4 p.m. Saturday.

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