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Pecarich Marketing wins YMCA basketball title

Pecarich Marketing defeated Shep’s/The Teehive 63-57 to win the playoff championship in the YMCA Men’s Basketball League March 9.

Leading scorers for Pecarich Marketing were Josh Oehrlein with 18 points, Todd Vanek 14 and Matt Pecarich 13.

Shep’s/Teehive was led by Ryan Hoelscher with 13 points, Aaron Otteson 12 and Eric Nelson and Joe Hoelscher with 11 apiece.

On March 7, Shep’s/Teehive beat CTC 68-59 to advance to the finals. 

Shep’s/Teehive was led by Eric Nelson with 24 points, Travis Dixon 23 and Ryan Hoelscher 13.

CTC’s leading scorers were Luke Schramm with 15 points, Jessie Sullivan 13 and Mark Shobe and Eric Sullivan with 11 each.

Pecarich Marketing’s roster included Matt Pecarich, Joel Clough, David Jermiahson, Chip Borle, Todd Vanek, Justin Heitkamp, Josh Oehrlein and Daakar Bellfield.

Playing for Shep’s/The Teehive were Aaron Otteson, Eric Nelson, Travis Dixon, Ryan Hoelscher, Joe Hoelscher, Joe Janson and Craig Wolhowe.