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Aitkin 0-3 to open season

BECKER — Aitkin’s Dan Klucas opened the season with two wins and one loss during three indoor dual matches Saturday.

The Aitkin Gobblers fell to Foley 5-2, Becker 6-1 and Hutchinson 6-1. Picking up the Gobblers other wins were the No. 3 doubles teams of Ryan Anderson-Bryce Haugly and Chris Carlberg-Ryan Rosemore. 

“We were on the courts for five days and a third of those they were covered with snow,” said Aitkin head coach Joe Walz. “Plus, we were going up against three larger schools that all have indoor facilities. We looked strong, but not as grooved as the other teams. The scores were all close and many ended up in tiebreakers. Nobody got blown off the court.”

Team scores

Foley 5, Aitkin 2

Becker 6, Aitkin 1

Hutchinson 6, Aitkin 1


No. 1: Alex Anderson 0-3

No. 2: Kevin Hughes 0-2, Dan Klucas 0-1

No. 3: Klucas 2-0, Hughes 0-1

No. 4: Adam Burke 0-1, Jack Reeves 0-1, Lyle Nyberg 0-1


No. 1: Reeves-Nyberg 0-1, Nyberg-Eric Raushel 0-1, Reeves-Burke 0-1

No. 2: Raushel-Tyler Michaletz 0-2, Burke-Michaletz 0-1

No. 3: Ryan Anderson-Bryce Haugly 1-0, Chris Carlberg-Ryan Rosemore 1-0

Overall: A 0-3. Next: Aitkin hosts Princeton 4:30 p.m. April 12.