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TRACK AND FIELD: Pillager’s DeLong top athlete of meet


BEMIDJI — Pillager’s Wesley DeLong was named male athlete of the meet in Tuesday’s Little Amik No. 2 meet at Bemidji State University.


DeLong won the 800-meter run and anchored the first-place 4x800 relay, which included Isaac Jacobson, Devin Strack and Matt Neururer, as the Huskies placed second. He also finished second in the 400 dash and fourth in the long jump.

Pillager’s Shane White set a track record in winning the 60 hurdles (8.95) and placed fifth in the 200 dash. 

Jake Weizenegger won the triple jump. Rian Hutchison placed second in the discus and Cory Vanhal was fourth in the pole vault.

Wadena-Deer Creek’s Logan Meyer won the shot put and Blake Demars of Pine River-Backus won the discus.

Boys team scores: 1-Bemidji 85, 2-Pillager 81, 3-Roseau 72, 4-Thief River Falls 60, 5-East Grand Forks 53.50, 6-West Marshall 50, 7-International Falls 37, 8-Crookston 28.50, 9-Bagley/Fosston 19, 10-Pequot Lakes 17, 10-United North Central 17, 12-Pine River-Backus 15, 13-Blackduck/Kelliher/Northome 13, 14-Bigfork 12, 15-Deer River/Northland 11, 16-Wadena-Deer Creek 10, 16-Greenway Nashwauk Keewatin 10, 16-Warroad 10, 19-Fisher/EGF Sacred Heart 9, 20-Park Rapids 7, 21-Lake of the Woods 6, 22-Nevis 1 

4x800 Meter Relay: 1-Pillager A 9:05.20, 9-Pequot Lakes 9:56.84, 11-Wadena-Deer Creek 10:10.68

60 Hurdles: 1-White, Shane, Pillager, 8.99

60 Dash: 1-CJ, Jackson, TRF, 7.15

400 Dash: 1-Kerner, Wade, Roseau, 51.86; 2-DeLong, Wesley, Pillager, 53.08

1600 Run: 1-Miller, Jonathan, UNC, 4:42.90; 5-Neurerur, Matt, Pillager, 4:59.28

4x200 Relay: 1-Thief River Falls 1:37.23; 3-Pequot Lakes 1:41.13

800 Run: 1-DeLong, Wesley, Pillager, 2:08.40

200 Dash: 1-Bardwell, Cole, Bemidji, 24.05; 5-White, Shane, Pillager, 24.25

3200 Run: 1-Beezer, Skime, TRF, 10:33.70; 7-Rohloff, Trevor, Pillager, 12:18.57 

4x400 Relay: 1-Bemidji 3:37.89; 6-Pillager 3:54.14

High Jump: 1-Filipiak, Shawn, IF, 6-04

Pole Vault: 1-Gross, Sam, Roseau, 13-01; 4-VanHal, Cory, Pillager, 12-00; 8-Carpenter, Jacob, Pequot Lakes, 11-00

Long Jump: 1-Pederson, Marshal, EGF, 19-03.50; 4-DeLong, Wesley, Pillager, 19-0

Triple Jump: Weizenegger, Jacob, Pillager, 39-10.25; 7-Anderson, Jordan, Pequot Lakes, 38-0.50; 8-Strack, Devin, Pillager, 37-06.75

Shot Put: 1-Meyer, Logan, WDC, 47-11.75; 6-Parker, Tomas, Pequot Lakes, 44-00; 7-Kottschade, Aaron, PRB, 43-09

Discus: 1-Demars, Blake, PRB, 122-06; 2-Hutchison, Rian, Pillager, 118-01; 4-Parker, Tomas, Pequot Lakes, 114-04; 6-Kottschade, Aaron, PRB, 112-0

Girls team scores: 1-Bemidji 98.50, 2-Bagley/Fosston 77, 3-Park Rapids 61, 4-East Grand Forks 57, 5-Warroad 39, 6-Crookston 35, 6-Roseau 35, 8-International Falls 34, 9-Wadena-Deer Creek 33, 10-United North Central 32, 11-Walker-Hackensack-Akeley 29, 12-West Marshall 23, 13-Clearbrook-Gonvick 18, 14-Nevis 16, 15-Greenway Nashwauk Keewatin 9, 16-Pillager 7, 17-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 5, 18-Deer River/Northland 4.50, 13-Blackduck/Kelliher/Northome 4, 19-Thief River Falls 4

4x800 Relay: 1-Bemidji A 10:02.33, 11-Pillager A 11:11.03, 12-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 11:13.10

60 Meter Hurdles: 1-Ogden, Kailee, Warroad, 10.38, 3-Craig, Rachel, W-DC, 10.77

60 Dash: 1-Huschle, Analisa, Bagley, 7.89

400 Dash: 1-Scanlan, Jaclyn, EGF, 1:02.80

1600 Run: 1-Boe, Alicia, UNC, 5:31.80; 5-Cantrell, Charley, WDC, 5:49.28

4x200 Relay: 1-Bagley/Fosston 1:53.35; 8-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 2:01.81

800 Run: 1-Drewes, Bailey, Bemidji, 2:28.27; 3-Cantrell, Charley, WDC, 2:36.24

200 Dash: 1-Schmidt, Alyssa, Bagley, 28.28

3200 Run: 1-Fast, Lyndsay, Warroad, 12:33.56; 4-Posner, Amber, Pillager, 13:21.41; 7-Schmitz, Emma, WDC, 13:38.03

4x400 Relay: 1-East Grand Forks 4:28.51; 6-Wadena-Deer Creek 4:45.88

High Jump: 1-Bennett, Rachel, Bagley, 5-03; 5-VanDenheuvel, Kathryn, BHV, 4-07.00; 5-Craig, Rachel, WDC, 4-07

Pole Vault: 1-Hendrickson, Alicia, IF, 10-0; 7-Blessing, Shaye, WDC, 7-0

Long Jump: 1-Huschle, Analisa, Bagley, 17-06.50

Triple Jump: 1-Huschle, 35-05.75; 7-Swartz, Dawn, Pillager, 29-10.25

Shot Put: 1-Solheim, Hayley, Crookston, 38-10; 4-Craig, Rachel, WDC, 34-11.50

Discus: 1-Heifort, Alli, Bemidji, 95-09; 7-Craig, Rachel, WDC, 86-10

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