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BOWLING: Baxter champion of traveling league

Baxter won the championship in the Central 8 Traveling Classic Bowling League in the final meeting of the season Sunday at Pine River Community Bowl. 

It was the eighth meeting of the league which included eight teams. 

Sunday’s results: 

The high team series was by Little Falls with 3076, followed by Baxter 3016 and Pine River and Aitkin 2975.

High team games were by Baxter with 1062 and 1049 and Pine River with 1059.

The high individual series was by Lonnie Warner of Little Falls with a 685, Jon Hervey of Baxter with 684 and Ron Berg of Pine River with 682.

High individual game honors went to Shane Rhuby of Baxter with a 259, Jon Hervey of Baxter and Ron Berg of Pine River with 258s and Bob Reich of McGregor with 252.

Final standings (won/loss)

Baxter 346.5-133.3, Little Falls 293.5-186.5, Aitkin 290-190, McGregor 252-228, Pine River 220-260, Isle 201-279, Brainerd 192.5-287.5, Crosby 121.5-358.5.