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Charter adds Twins games

Charter Communications announced Thursday that it has reached an agreement-in-principle with Fox Sports North involving carriage of 44 additional Minnesota Twins games this season.

The 44 games would be in addition to the 105 already scheduled to be carried on Charter. 

“We are pleased to have reached this arrangement with FSN in time for carriage of (Thursday’s) Twins-Yankees game,” Charter senior communications manager Heather Nessler wrote in an email.

Charter customers who tuned in to watch the Twins game Tuesday against the Yankees were disappointed to find the game wasn't televised.

Initially, Charter and FSN had an agreement to broadcast 105 games to Charter customers but a disagreement over the cost to broadcast the 45 additional games kept Charter customers in the dark Tuesday.

FSN had purchased the rights for the additional 45 games that used to be on WFTC-My 29 and wanted to recover its cost for those additional games from Charter and its customers.